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Choosing the Right Roofer (Blog Post)

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Tips on Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor for Your Roofing Job

You rely on your roof to keep you secure from the elements, whether it’s a light rain or a harsh downpour. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your roof, you should trust a professional that’s experienced and equipped.

Peak Exteriors offers multiple services to keep you and your property safe with effective roofing. Our experts are prepared to handle anything from a simple roof repair to a complex roof replacement. 

Still, we like to help our customers make informed decisions. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose the best roofing contractor or company for your needs. Keep reading for advice, or give us a call now to save yourself some time!

Companies Versus Contractors

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, an independent contractor isn’t the same as a roofing company. Contractors are better when you need an emergency roof repair or something fast.

Because a contractor involves a single person, there’s only one contact. It can take longer with only one person working, though, and warranty problems can be harder to navigate. A roofing company, on the other hand, is great for big projects.

Any roof installation or replacement should be done with a company for the best results. You might get better offers, a faster replacement, and the work will be covered with a warranty. The only downside can be tracking down the right person to talk to at times, but not with Peak Exteriors, LLC. Call us today to get started with an estimate!

Check Qualifications

When you need a professional roofer, start with word-of-mouth. Having a recommendation from someone you trust is a great place to begin your search. When narrowing down your list, use online reviews to find out more about them.

Contact the roofers and ask for no less than three references from previous clients. This can give you a better sense of what to expect. When you reach out to these customers, some of the questions you might want to ask are:

  • Did they stay on budget?
  • Were you satisfied with the results?
  • Was the project delayed at all and why?

Depending on your location, the roofer will need to be licensed. Some states don’t require it, but your roofer should still have proof of their experience. After all, your roof is there to protect you and anyone in your home.

Experience can always give you an added benefit of savings. A lot of roofers have a preferred brand after they’ve been doing it a while, so the manufacturers may offer longer after-market warranties. 

With Peak Exteriors, LLC, you won’t have to worry about our answers or experience. We’re confident in our experience and we know that our customers are satisfied with the work we do, so feel free to call us today!

Make Sure to Document Everything

It’s important to have documentation and hard copies of any quotes or contracts for your roof replacement. Because roofing can be an expensive investment, you should cover your bases. With everything in writing, you can avoid unexpected or hidden costs.

You’ll also have a smoother time with estimates and planning. Keep in mind that prices can change from the initial quote, but it should be relatively accurate. Things that should be included are:

  • Price breakdown
  • Payment agreement
  • Material costs
  • Insurance and liability coverage

If you want an itemized list of costs, the roofing company should be able to break down the cost of permits, materials, and cleanup. Labor might not get its own line, since that will be included in the overall price.

Schedule a Face-to-Face Appointment

You should always meet the roofers you’re considering in person prior to making your choice. Not only can this give you an opportunity to ask questions about their process, but you’ll be able to decide if they’re the right fit.

Remember that choosing the best roofer for you isn’t just about the cost. While a roof replacement in New Orleans, LA can be expensive, there are other factors to consider. An average roof installation can be thousands of dollars, based on the size of your home and roof, but think about:

  • Their availability
  • How they operate on a roof
  • References
  • Their experience with your project and roof type

With so much money potentially at stake, you should also make sure you’re being given a fair quote. You can trust us to be transparent with our pricing when you call our experts now!

Know the Plan for Cleanup

Especially if you have a family or pets, it’s important to know what the roofer will do after they’re done. Roofing can leave behind debris and small items, like nails, that could cause injury. Your chosen roofer should have a plan to clean up after they’re done.

When we work on a roof, we always finish with one last sweep of the property and your roof. We understand the importance of customer safety and seek to deliver the best results, so give us a call today!

It’s All in the Details

Even if you only need a basic roof repair in Mandeville, LA, your roofer needs to know your budget. You should also share previous repairs you’ve had done, the extent of damages, and any particular problems your roof has.

The more information you offer, the more you can prevent complications or the budget becoming an issue. You should also schedule an inspection beforehand to give the roofer full access.

During the hiring process, you should also agree to a timeline of the project. With a rough schedule, you can better plan out your daily life. Delays are always possible if the weather doesn’t cooperate, but it’s a good place to start. The timeline should include:

  • Milestones
  • Prep work required prior to a roof replacement or installation, like material orders or cleaning
  • The date of estimated completion
  • When you’ll be needed
  • The last walk through to make sure you’re satisfied with the results

The more you can plan for, the better. Peak Exteriors, LLC wants you to feel secure with your choice and your roof. We’re happy to answer questions and provide an inspection when you call us today!

Ask Any Question You Have

Your roof is there to keep you safe, so you should feel confident in the contractor or company working on it. If you need some help getting started with what to ask, here are 22 questions you might want to include:

  1. Are they local and licensed?
  2. How long have they been operating?
  3. Do they do the work themselves or use subcontractors?
  4. What’s their legal business name and address?
  5. Do they have a portfolio of past projects to show you?
  6. Who’s in charge of the quality check during the process?
  7. Who’s the point of contact and how long will they take to reply?
  8. Are there online reviews?
  9. What service are they best at?
  10. Does the estimate factor in material costs?
  11. How long will an estimate take?
  12. In the case of extreme storm damage repair, how much would a roof replacement be?
  13. Is a building permit required and how long will that take to obtain?
  14. When can the project get scheduled?
  15. How many projects are started and finished on-time?
  16. What’s the estimated time for your project?
  17. Will an inspection be done on your roof?
  18. Are their experts trained for your roof type?
  19. What state will the job site be left in?
  20. Will any steps be taken to protect your property during the work?
  21. Do they have insurance or a warranty for their work?
  22. What information will the estimate contain?

Remember that an estimate should have basic information on the timeline and roofing company you hire. Any phone numbers and e-mails of contacts, the estimated date of beginning and completion, and payment terms should all be included.

You can expect all of those things in an estimate from Peak Exteriors, LLC. Our team has answers to all of the above questions and any others you might need to feel confident to hire us when you call us today!

What Goes Into a Roof?

There are several parts and layers that need to function for your roof to remain effective. Over time, most or all of these will need to be switched out, like gutter replacement. An accurate estimate should take into account main components of your roof as well as any additional steps needed, like ridge capping or waterproofing.

Your roof’s outer layer of defense boils down to the materials you choose. Shingles are a popular option that are usually priced by a “roofing square,” or 100 square feet. We can tell you the type, number, and manufacturer that we recommend for your roof. Different materials for shingles are:

  • Metal
  • Clay
  • Asphalt
  • Solar
  • Wood

Each shingle type has different pros and cons, with some having better lifespans. Shingles can offer several aesthetic options, too, which is great to match a recent remodeling or house painting.

Underlayment is a buffer between the materials and your roof decking. It’s designed to absorb less water than the roofing materials, which means that it’s not meant to hold out forever. You should know the type, brand, and thickness of the underlayment your company plans to use.

The main types of underlayment are rubberized asphalt, synthetic underlayment, and asphalt-saturated felt. Each one has benefits to further protect your roof, so ask our experts which one would be best for you.

Proper ventilation is key to secure roofing, but you’ll have to choose between passive and active ventilation. The latter pulls air from the outside into your house and sends inside air out. Passive ventilation is more eco-friendly, but less consistent. 

There are also different vents to choose from. Air flow is critical to reduce overheating and freezing of the materials on your roof. Speaking of, flashing is another component on your roof that’s responsible for sealing out water.

The thin metal around chimneys, walls, and valleys is flashing. When it shows up on an estimate, it will depend on the type of metal your flashing is, where it will go, and the damage of your current flashing.

In many cases, building codes need your home to have drip edges. Find out if your roofer plans to install a metal drip edge. They should also replace pipe jacks, which are the flashing over plumbing vents. 

The roof deck is possibly the most important aspect of your roof, because it’s the wood that holds everything up. Unfortunately, wood is susceptible to rot, mold growth, and moisture damage. During an inspection, we’ll be able to identify and diagnose any roofing issues. Peak Exteriors, LLC knows all about roofing types and components, so call us today!

Signing a Contract

You should only draw up a contract once you’ve hired the right roofer that offers an estimate in your favor. Anything on the contract should look familiar from the estimate, though there are usually a few clauses for the protection of everyone involved. These clauses might be:

  • A termination clause
  • Payment term details, like the down payment and final provisions for payment
  • A lien release to keep you safe from liability if the roofer doesn’t pay suppliers and subcontractors
  • Provisions that might lead to additional charges, like change orders or add-ons

Another thing that can be in your favor are the manufacturer warranties. Different materials can have a warranty that might be better for your needs, like concrete. With that example, your roofer might even have an extra work warranty to make sure you’re satisfied with the concrete tiles on your roof.

The best method to get the right roofing company is to start with a wide search. Use online reviews and word-of-mouth to narrow the list before scheduling appointments and asking for portfolios. You want a roofer that you can trust to keep you safe.

Peak Exteriors, LLC offers professional services for your roofing needs. We’re experienced and knowledgeable of different roofing materials and types to provide top recommendations and quality work. Get started by scheduling your estimate when you give us a call today!

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Went with Peak Exteriors because the insurance was trying to low ball me and they was not only able to get my roof paid for but other things as well that was damaged by Ida. They came out immediately after the storm and it was very comforting from the start. Excellent services!! Thank you Oliver and Peak Exteriors LLC!!!!!

-Margaret S.

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