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Storm Damage and Insurance (Blog Post)

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Tips on Storm Damage and Insurance Policies

Let Us Help with Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

There are a lot of ways that storms can damage your home or business. Whether it’s strong winds, harsh downpour, or hail, your roof is there to take the brunt of it. Your roofing materials should prevent any leaks to keep your decking secure. Unfortunately, between time and wear, your underlayment and decking can be exposed to moisture after roofing damages.

This can lead to all sorts of issues, like mold and foundation problems. That’s why it’s important to file your storm damage insurance claim as soon as possible. To make sure you get the most out of your claim, you need a professional contractor like Peak Exteriors, LLC. We’ll help you throughout the complicated claims process and handle your roof repair, so call us today!

Keep All Documentation

When a harsh storm rolls through and tears up your roofing, you’ll have to act quickly to file your claim. Before you do that, however, you need to document everything with the roof of your home or commercial property. Thorough documentation can be the difference between a successful claim with full coverage and a claim rejection. Take clear pictures of any storm damages to your roof, including water stains and missing materials.

Consider the fact that insurance companies will attempt to link your roofing damages with cosmetic wear to avoid coverage. Photographs can prove that the storm caused a lot of the damage, as well as documentation of any work done on our roof over time. Look for cracks in your shingles or signs of leaks in your home or business.

We can help you find the issues worth photographing for evidence. When your insurance provider sends out their adjuster, the more proof of storm damage you have, the better. Even if you can’t get full coverage for roof replacement, you might be able to get partial coverage. Have a copy of your documentation prepared for when the adjuster comes to your home or business.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve photographed your storm damages and gathered your documentation, you need to call your insurance company. If you wait too long to make the call, they might think your roofing damages aren’t an urgent matter. It could also cause your claim to be rejected or invalid, so don’t wait to contact your provider after a storm damages your residential or commercial roof. 

Choose the Roofing Contractor for You

The next step of your insurance claim process is to select the right roofing contractor. Our trained roofers at Peak Exteriors, LLC offer expert services for your roof repair or replacement. We’re also experienced with the entire process of filing a storm damage insurance claim, so you can trust us to keep your home or business secure. If the damages are bad enough to warrant a roof replacement, we can also help you replace or upgrade your gutters.

When you hire us, we’ll start with an in-depth inspection of your property. Our team will check for signs of water damage, from cracks in your roofing materials to serious damages to your underlayment or decking. Any leak in your roofing can lead to major issues in your home or business, which is why we’ll also inspect your walls and ceiling.

Storms have many ways to damage your residential or commercial property, with water or wind being prime suspects for your roofing problems. Many insurance companies want to force your choice of a contractor. However, roof restoration services aren’t part of that clause, so you can still hire Peak Exteriors, LLC for your roofing needs.

Despite that loophole, too many home and business owners sign contracts restricting their decisions with a “managed repair program” clause. That basically means that you’ll have to use their contractor for any damage to your property covered under the policy. The best way to avoid this issue is by refusing to sign with an insurance company that has that clause.

What Comes Next?

Whether you receive partial or full coverage for your storm damage insurance claim, it’s good to know what to do with it. Your claim could take months to process depending on several factors, but a common mistake is trying to do roof repairs yourself. This might lead to injury, slipping off the roof, or paying more for repairs if you make things worse for your roof.

For the best outcome for you and your roof, you should always hire a professional like Peak Exteriors, LLC. Our roofers have liability insurance in the instance of an accident. We’re experienced with residential and commercial roofs of all types, so you can trust us to provide an accurate inspection and recommend the top material options for your roof repair.

When you work with our experts, you’ll have access to any of our many services to keep your home or business protected. We’ll work fast to inspect and diagnose your roofing damages to make sure that your property is safe from the next rainstorm. We’ll also guide you through the insurance claim process if you want, so give us a call now!

Do You Need a Claim Reversal?

When your home or business experiences storm damage, roof repair can be expensive. It’s even worse if you need a full roof replacement, which is why it’s important to file your insurance claim as soon as possible. However, even a successful claim doesn’t mean you’ll be reimbursed completely. A lot of insurance adjusters will use any previous wear on your roof to only offer partial coverage. 

It’s worth mentioning again that you should retain evidence of any roof repair or maintenance you’ve had done over time. By taking that simple step, you can prove to your insurance carrier that you’ve taken care of your roof. If you still only get covered partially, you can file a claim reversal. To get help with your roofing needs, give us a call now!

Maximize Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Damage to your roof can cause a lot of issues and stress, so it’s important to know who you can count on. Our professionals at Peak Exteriors, LLC are prepared to help with your roof repair or replacement. We can also give you advice on your storm damage insurance claim to give you the best chances of a successful outcome. Here are 6 ways you can increase your chances:

  1. Photographs and documentation of storm damage. Keeping track of prior work to your roof can show that you’ve maintained your roof over the years. If the storm tears off or damages your materials, take pictures. Be sure to look for signs of water damage on the inside of your home or business, like water stains, spots, or other symptoms of a leak. If you’re unsure what to photograph, our experts can help when you hire us. Create a folder of evidence to give to the insurance adjuster.
  2. Contact your insurance provider quickly. Putting off your claim filing can cause it to be invalid, so it’s best not to delay. If your family has any special needs, those should be added to your claim to help speed the results along. Any document or photograph of storm damage should be dated.
  3. Make use of text alerts. A lot of insurance carriers utilize alerts with SMS or text messages to keep you updated on your claim status. Knowing that your insurance claim could take months to go through, alerts could let you know the coverage you’ll receive and when. Once you’ve set alerts up, you’ll get a text to let you know you did it right.
  4. Don’t throw anything away until instructed to. Any property that’s damaged by a storm is evidence for your insurance claim. Until that claim is processed and the insurance company tells you to dispose of things, hold off on getting rid of property. If you’re required to for legal purposes, take pictures and make detailed notes.
  5. Know your emergency services. Damage to your roof can expose the underlayment and decking to water damage. Moisture can weaken your roofing and lead to leaks, or worse. Emergency services may provide a tarp to wrap over the exposed roofing or help with extracting water. If your home’s left unlivable following damages from a storm, you might also be given financial aid for the cost of living.
  6. Keep a journal of your storm damage insurance claim process. Since it can take months, it’s good to have notes to go back to. Write down notes of anyone you interact with, including their name, the date and time that you talked to them, contact information, and their title.

When you’re dealing with storm damage, the insurance claim process can be overwhelming. While you should reach out to your insurance provider as soon as possible after a storm, our experienced roofers can guide you through the details. Any issues with roofing materials caused by a storm can lead to leaks or structural weakness for your home or commercial property.

Peak Exteriors, LLC will start with a thorough inspection when you hire us. Our experts will find any water damage and diagnose the best route for roof repair or replacement. We want you to get the most out of your storm damage insurance claim, so give us a call now to help with the process and any roofing services you need!

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Went with Peak Exteriors because the insurance was trying to low ball me and they was not only able to get my roof paid for but other things as well that was damaged by Ida. They came out immediately after the storm and it was very comforting from the start. Excellent services!! Thank you Oliver and Peak Exteriors LLC!!!!!

-Margaret S.

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