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    Your roof can take a lot of damage from all kinds of sources. Branches can scratch off shingles, bad winds can blow them off, or a rough storm can wreak havoc. Even the slightest problem with your roofing materials can lead to a leak.

    That’s why it’s so important to know who you can trust. Peak Exteriors, LLC is here to help with all of your roofing needs. Our team of experts can handle emergency roof replacement or prevent it with maintenance. We can also help you get the most out of your insurance claim.

    Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the experience to give you the best results. We work quickly to deliver quality roofing. We’ll also keep your budget in mind with any product recommendations, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get started with an estimate!

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    Went with Peak Exteriors because the insurance was trying to low ball me and they was not only able to get my roof paid for but other things as well that was damaged by Ida. They came out immediately after the storm and it was very comforting from the start. Excellent services!! Thank you Oliver and Peak Exteriors LLC!!!!!

    -Margaret S.

    Professional Roof Repair in Ponchatoula, LA

    Any time you need work done on your roof, you should hire a professional. Not only can you trust our expertise, but you can count on the work being warrantied. If you’re looking for a contractor, you should always consider a few things, like:

    1. Will the company in question do the work themselves, or do they hire it out to someone else?
    2. Are they partnered with any brands or manufacturers? This can save you money on products in a lot of cases.
    3. Do they have at least 50 online reviews? How many are positive and what are the customers saying?

    These are all important questions to keep in mind, but you don’t have to worry with Peak Exteriors, LLC. We’ve got a team that knows all about roofing. That’s why we know that shingles are the most common material for a roof replacement. However, we’re not going to talk your ear off about architectural shingles or why the 3-tab is popular. We will mention two of our favorite manufacturers, though, in Owens Corning and GAF.

    The first shingle was invented in 1903 by Henry Reynolds. It took a while to gain traction, but shingles took over the roofing world by 1950. Owens Corning saw it coming, which is why they formed in 1935 to start making shingles. With so many years to hone their products, we trust their shingles to keep your home protected. They also offer warranties of 10-50 years for extra security.

    If you ever wondered where a lot of the roofing technologies we use today came from, look no further than GAF. They’ve been around even longer than Owens Corning, dating back to the 1800’s. Their warranties also range between 10-50 years, so you can count on both of these manufacturers to be reliable. Of course, that doesn’t mean your options are limited.

    There are a lot of manufacturers out there and we know you might have your own preference. Even if you just heard about a company that’s interesting, we’ll work with their products to give you the roof repair in Ponchatoula, LA you need. Call us today and schedule an estimate!

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    You never know when disaster will strike, and that’s especially true with roofing. Bad weather can cause trouble at all hours of the night. Whether it’s a roof leak showing itself at 2 in the morning, or shingles being pulled off at 3 in the afternoon, you could need emergency roof repair in Ponchatoula, LA. No matter what the situation, Peak Exteriors, LLC is here to help!

    We’re prepared to handle your roofing needs 24/7, so you can trust our services. We’ve got an experienced team that knows what we’re doing. In fact, if we know a big storm is coming through, we even gather extra supplies as a precaution. You shouldn’t have to worry about a minor issue growing into a bigger problem. Even the smallest leak can lead to the need for a roof replacement if left unchecked.

    Roof repairs cost an average of $950 around the nation, according to HomeAdvisor. Some repairs have been reported to be upwards of $6,000, too, so it’s nothing to sneeze at. The major factors of these costs is the material you choose and how bad the damages are. The good news is that we’ve repaired roofs for anywhere from just a few hundred dollars, and your homeowners insurance could leave you only paying the deductible.

    Still, we know that finances are always a concern. We work with a financing partner to help our customers get access to roofing when they need it. If you’re approved and qualify, you could get a monthly plan of 0% for 36 months. We’ll work quickly to keep your home protected and secure, so call us now and schedule your estimate!


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